Goals for Members

YSWG Primary Goals are to help students…


  • LOVE for MUSIC through exposure to multiple singing styles, varied musical genres, and quality literature – all of which contribute to musical artistry & skillful performance
  • LOVE for COUNTRY by learning patriotic literature, participating in special performances, and having the opportunity to visit various American landmarks during excursions, tours, etc.
  • LOVE for COMMUNITY through the unique joining of voices to share our music with others – fostering a spirit of respect & camaraderie


  • VOICES through teaching that promotes a healthy voice & proper singing technique
  • CHARACTER through hard work, commitment, discipline, self-presentation, and confidence
  • MUSICALITY over a committed amount of time – to acquire precision, accuracy, expression, phrasing, and artistry

ENRICH through:

  • PERFORMANCE participation in well-planned, professional, creative, polished concerts and shows
  • QUALITY INSTRUCTION that helps students master skills in the areas of music reading, interpretation, challenging arrangements, and proper inflections
  • TOURING & TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES including overseas & stateside tours that offer experience with various cultures and an appreciation of the world
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