Azalea Storytelling Festival Featured Storytellers

Donald Davis
When Donald Davis lets out the clutch to tell a story it is fine-tuned, pitch perfect and heart-felt.  His audiences travel right along with him, fueled by sure enough side-splitting laughter and gratitude for those moments when life is rich and sweet.  He is a superb performer, a mentor, an author, and a beloved master of his craft.

Josh Goforth
Settle in your seat, get comfortable and start smiling.  This young mountain guy is right at home on stage playing toe-tapping music and telling tales about growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Music and story meld seamlessly into a unique performance that leaves audiences still smiling and ready for more before the last cord sounds.

Ed Stivender
Famous for his ability to improvise fairytales in motion, Ed Stivender has long warmed and charmed his audiences.  Legends, folklore, and laugh-out-loud yet touching memories of his parochial school upbringing, serve up tales offering his unique brand of whimsy, wisdom, and wit.

Tim Lowry
With a Southern manner and a droll side-wit, Tim Lowry mixes stories of the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Western Frontier with tales of growing up Baptist, teaching English to Russian immigrants, exciting road trips to Disney World, baseball, and more! Audiences happily bask in the hilarity of the award-winning artist and author.

Carol Cain (Master of Ceremonies)
Our very own Carol Cain lights up the stage with her zany folktales, family stories, and award-winning historical monologues. An experienced teller in her own right, she guides audiences and tellers with easy rapport through the shared journey that denotes a truly satisfying festival.

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